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Looking for a complete Baldur's Gate 3 story Walkthrough? IGN's BG3 guide covers every main quest in the game- looking at everything from puzzle solutions and boss strategies, to critical lore points and even hidden pieces of loot.

There are three Acts in Baldur's Gate 3, and a number of different endings that you can get based on your character and choices throughout the game. The lore tends to skew towards a more lawful good angle, but if you want to play an evil character it's absolutely possible- just pick the options that seem to contradict the story.

Looking for a particular section of the walkthrough hub? Click the links below to jump to a specific section.

  • Things to Do Before Starting the BG3 Walkthrough
  • Complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Walkthrough
  • All BG3 Side Quests


Things to Consider Before Starting the BG3 Walkthrough

If it's your first time playing the game, make sure to check out our guides on How to Build a Character and our advice for selecting Classes and Subclasses, and Races and Subraces.

What's the Absolute Best Class in Baldur's Gate 3?

Baldur's Gate 3 is a rich and complex game, so even the character creation screen requires a bit of decoding if you're unfamiliar with the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

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Complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Walkthrough

Looking for a specific section? Check out the links below to navigate, or start with the Prologue if you're beginning a fresh playthrough.

  • Prologue
  • Act One
  • Act Two
  • Act Three
  • All Endings



There's only one section in the Prologue and it's called Escape the Nautiloid. It's a great introduction to the game, looking at key combat mechanics and introducing important characters. There's also an additional page for a potential party member encounter.

  • Prologue: Escape the Nautiloid
  • How to Rescue Shadowheart

Act One

With the Prologue complete, it's time to start working your way through the first Act.

These quests focus on removing the little parasite passenger from your head and recruiting other adventurers to join your party, along with learning more about the world and the various enemies that you're going to end up battling.

From here onwards, the difficulty will steadily increase, but there will still be plenty of time to learn about the various new mechanics and features that you'll encounter.

  • Finding a Cure
  • Get Help from Healer Nettie
  • Find the Githyanki Creche
  • Rescuing the Druid Halsin
  • Reach Moonrise Towers
  • The Scholar
  • Get Help From Auntie Ethel
  • Tell Omeluum About the Parasite
  • Travel to Moonrise Towers (Underdark Route)
  • Travel to Moonrise Towers (Mountain Pass Route)

As you can see from the last two points, there are multiple ways to get from A to B in Baldur's Gate 3. We'd recommend doing multiple playthroughs with different character types.

Act Two

Now that you're done with Act One, it's time to tangle with Act Two. There are, again, multiple paths to complete this Act, but they do intertwine at points. We're made a note of where this happens so you can experience as much of the story as possible.

With the Infiltrate Moonrise Towers quest, make sure to start with the option that matches the route you took to get to Moonrise Towers.

  • Infiltrate Moonrise Towers (Underdark Route)
  • Infiltrate Moonrise Towers (Mountain Pass Route)
  • Defeat Ketheric Thorm


Remember, the choices you make throughout the game will affect which ending you get. If there's a companion you like the look of, spend some time working on their companion quests.

Act Three

With that, it's time to get started on the final Act of Baldur's Gate 3. Act 3 is challenging but incredibly fun, and there are some boss battles that are sure to put you through your paces.

  • Get Gortash's Netherstone
  • Get Orin's Netherstone
  • Confront the Elder Brain
  • All Endings

Don't click on the last link until you're ready to see how the story ends- the All Endings page is completely full of spoilers for the main storyline and for some side quests, too.

All BG3 Side Quests

Speaking of side quests, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the vast amount of extra content that Baldur's Gate 3 has on offer. We've also got you covered with a comprehensive Walkthrough for every Side Quest and Activity.

We're separated them into the following categories:

  • Companion Side Quests
  • Side Quests By Location

Companion Quests

Companion Quests will present themselves as ongoing or passive quests to represent your connection with the chosen companion. These quests will automatically appear in your Journal when you meet a character and invite them to your party.

You'll be able to learn a lot more about each character that you encounter, and you'll get the chance to strengthen your bond with them as well.


All Companion Quests in BG3
Daughter of Darkness - Shadowheart QuestsThe Pale Elf - Astarion QuestsThe Githyanki Warrior - Lae'zel QuestsThe Blade of Frontiers - Wyll Quests
The Wizard of Waterdeep - Gale QuestsOur Fiery Friend - Karlach QuestsThe High Harper - Jaheira Quests

To learn more about Companions, be sure to check out our full guide on Companions and Party Members in BG3.

Daughter of Darkness - Shadowheart Quests

  • Daughter of Darkness

The Pale Elf - Astarion Quests

  • The Pale Elf

The Wizard of Waterdeep - Gale Quests

  • The Wizard of Waterdeep


The Githyanki Warrior - Lae'zel Quests

  • The Githyanki Warrior

The Blade of Frontiers - Wyll Quests

  • The Blade of Frontiers

Our Fiery Friend - Karlach Quests

  • Our Fiery Friend

The High Harper - Jaheira Quests

  • The High Harper


Side Quests by Location

Side Quests are tied to a specific location and are very important for getting to the bottom of the lore in each zone. Sometimes, they can help you reach otherwise impossible resolutions to key conflicts and battles in the story.

Side Quests can reward you with gear and weapons, abilities, or even crucial information that can assist with the overarching Main Quest.

All Side Quests By Locations in BG3
Nautiloid Crash Region QuestsDruids’ Grove QuestsUnderdark Quests
Githyanki Crèche QuestsShadow-Cursed LandsBaldur's Gate Quests

Nautiloid Crash Region Quests

  • Free Lae’zel
  • Explore the Ruins
  • Find the Nightsong
  • Save Mayrina
  • Rescue the Gnome
  • Search the Cellar
    • Unlock the Ancient Tome
  • Finish the Masterwork Weapon
  • Hunt the Devil
  • Find the Missing Shipment
  • Rescue the Trapped Man
  • Rescue the Grand Duke

Druids’ Grove Quests

  • Save the Refugees
    • Investigate Kagha
    • Defeat the Goblins
    • Raid the Emerald Grove
  • Save Arabella
  • Save the Goblin Sazza
  • Investigate the Beach
  • Steal the Sacred Idol
  • Rescue Volo

Underdark Quests

  • Find the Mushroom Picker
  • The Adamantine Forge
  • Defeat the Duergar Intruders
  • Cure the Poisoned Gnome
  • Find the Missing Boots
  • Free True Soul Nere
  • Deliver Nere's Head
  • Save the Grymforge Gnomes
  • Avenge Glut's Circle

Githyanki Crèche

  • Steal a Githyanki Egg
  • Find the Blood of Lathander


Shadow-Cursed Lands

  • Rescue Wulbren
  • Investigate the Selûnite Resistance
  • Rescue the Tieflings
  • Find Zevlor
  • Find Mol
  • Wake Up Art Cullagh
  • Punish the Wicked
  • Find Arabella's Parents
  • Lift the Shadow Curse
  • Kill Raphael's Old Enemy

Baldur's Gate Quests

  • Free the Artist
  • Help the Cursed Monk
  • Help the Devilish Ox
  • Investigate the Suspicious Toys
  • Find Dribbles the Clown
  • Feed the Mind Flayer
  • Investigate Cazador's Palace
  • Avenge the Ironhands
  • Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders
  • Deal with the Gnomes
  • Find a way into Wyrm's Rock fortress
  • Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion
  • Free Counsellor Florrick
  • Find the Missing Letters
  • Save Vanra
  • Visit the Emperor's Old Hideout
  • Stop the Presses
  • Help the Hag Survivors
  • Avenge the Hag Survivors
  • Roveer's Storehouse
  • Find Mystic Carrion's Servant
  • Return Rakath's Gold
  • Avenge the Drowned
  • Save the Gondians
  • Retrieve Omeluum

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