Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)

Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (1)
Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (2)

The Wardens are the final boss of the Tombs of Amascut. A three-phase bossfight, they emphasis prayer switching and movement, and difficulty can scale up dramatically with selected invocations.

In Phase One,, the team must DPS the Obelisk in the middle of the room. The obelisk does not attack directly, but instead sends orbs towards the two Wardens on the East and West sides. When they charge up, they can unleash powerful attacks.

In Phase Two, one Warden awakens, the one that absorbed more orbs during Phase One. The Warden has a variety of attacks that must be successfully prayed against/dodged, and the Obelisk also attacks with ground targeted attacks that must be dodged.

In Phase Three, the other Warden awakens, and transforms the arena. Players must step from side to side to avoid massive un-prayable damage. The Warden is joined by two of the four minibosses, depending on which side was blocked in Phase One.

Finally, At 5% HP, the Warden will Enrage. The ground attack cycle is replaced by a lightning AOE targeting tiles around the room. In addition, the floor will crumble away, removing space to dodge and eventually making it almost impossible to survive.

Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (3)

Phase One

BGS 30 Damage. Attack with Melee, BP, or Shadow. If the red orbs are not blocked, the Wardens will charge up. Each Warden has two attacks, which they do in order each time they fully charge. The West Warden, Elidinis, spawns Red UFOs and small orbs. To reduce damage from the small orbs, spread out. The East Warden, Tumemken, spawns Yellow UFOs and big orbs. To reduce damage from the big orbs, DD. The Warden that receives the most charge in P1 determines which two mini bosses you tank in P3. See below.

Phase Two

Attack with mage or Range. One Warden will now turn into a moving NPC. The Warden will only be vulnerable to one of either Mage or Range. The West Warden begins praying Range, while the East Warden begins praying Mage. The Warden has several attacks:

– Melee Swing – Melee distance only, pray Melee, kite it

– Beige Skull – pray Range

– Red flashing Skull – pray Mage

– Grey blob – Ground targeted, shadow appears, paralyzes you, dodge it

– Blue orb- Disables prayer, pray Mage

– Red sword – Disables prayer, pray Melee

– White arrow – Disables prayer, pray Range

The Obelisk in the middle also periodically uses the following attacks:

– Windmill red tiles – run counterclockwise to avoid them, or skip over them in the center of the room.

– Line red tiles – these are one wide, skip over them.

– Red skulls – A shadow appears on the floor, when the projectile hits it rapidly deals damage in a 3×3, 5×5, 7×7 area.


When you have damaged the Warden enough, the core is exposed. You will always deal your max hit with melee to it, which is multiplied by 5 and hits against the warden’s true HP. See below for detailed information on the Core

Phase Three

BGS 30 Damage. The remaining Warden transforms the battlefield. The Warden attacks one side of the room, then the other, then all but the middle row. Moving between the middle three rows of the room avoids all damage. Attack with Ranged.

At HP thresholds, Warden will spawn red skulls on the floor. These must be attacked with Melee. Any melee weapon will have an attack speed of 1t against them. They have 1hp in smaller scales, and 2hp in larger ones. If not killed on time, Warden does a very large AOE.

At HP thresholds, Warden will spawn minibosses. If you block the East side more during P1, Warden will spawn Zebak, and then Ba-Ba. If you block the West side more during P1, Warden will spawn Akkha, and then Kephri.

Akkha’s attacks are predictable, as he starts with ranged and switches styles after three attacks. Zebak’s are not, he starts with mage and can switch between mage and range randomly, however he doesn’t switch very often. Ba-ba and Kephri both do ground targeted attacks, however if you have Aerial Assault enabled Kephri’s will be a 3×3. Akkha+Kephri is easier to pray against, but Zebak+Ba-ba allows you to enable Aerial Assault for an easy +10 Raid Level. Preference.


At ~5% HP, Warden will enrage. Defense level regenerates, but can be reduced by dwh or bgs by 45. Zone attacks stop, and instead Warden randomly spams lightning on the floor after a delay. Warden will also remove tiles from the arena, starting at the back, which will give you less space to work with and make it harder to dodge.

It’s important to dodge Ba-ba/Kephri, but can be easier to dodge Warden’s lightning if you don’t move too much. A good option is to manually walk on tile, and then another, between every hit, which should avoid most damage.

Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (4)

– Ancient Haste: The Obelisk will charge faster in P1. This will cause unavoidable orb damage, especially in solos, and especially at higher scales when you can’t down the Obelisk quickly enough to avoid 2+ sets.

– Acceleration: The Warden attacks faster in P2, and the Obelisk will have a shorter cooldown between attacks in P2. Not a big deal.

– Penetration: Obelisk attacks in P2 do more damage. You should be able to dodge these anyway.

– Overclocked: Warden attack speed in P3 goes from 7t to 5t. Somewhat makes it more fluid

– Overclocked 2: Warden attacks faster in P2, and P3 goes from 5t to 4t. Not a big deal.

– Insanity: Warden attack speed in P3 goes from 4t to 3t. P3 red skull attack is significantly faster, with 1-5ish missed ticks allowed depending on the scale. Make sure you can handle the red skulls tick perfect before turning this on

Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (5)

– BGS works well against P1 and P3. If you have multiple adrenaline pots, it’s a good idea to Adrenaline BGS p1, Adrenaline DDS P2, and then Adrenaline BGS P3 start on spawn. P3 Enrage may reset defense but likely not worth it to BGS. BGS appears to cap at 30 damage in P1 and P3, and 45 in P3 enrage

– Clawing P3 Enrage is very good, as is ZCB if you bring it in teams.

-Lightbearer is fantastic as there are plenty of good opportunities to spec.

– Beyond just DDSing there are a lot of potential tick perfect setups for 1/2 down P2 depending on team setup, scale, gear etc. Work with your team to find something that works for you. That said, if you can kill P2 quickly enough then the difference between a 2down and 3down is not massive.

– Magic appears to be 100% accurate against P2, with magic Max Hit scaling off Magic accuracy. TBD how that impacts gear reccomendations. Credit Sens

P2 Core Downs

After 9/2, the core is damageable for 21 ticks on the first down, 37 ticks on the second down, and ?? ticks on the third down. This allows for 6, 10, and ?? hits tick-perfect with a 4 tick weapon such as rapier or DDS. Note that the final hit can be with a slower weapon, such as a bgs, and that a DDS spec will not hit both hitsplats on the final hit.

It is possible to 2 down even Expert raids with Adrenaline potions and a DDS if you are on time, not brewed down, and don’t miss your gear switches. Some higher scales may require a Lightbearer ring, especially if you spec P1. Consider Adrenaline potting for P1 and 1st down and then again for 2nd down and 3rd/P3 start. It’s probably not worth it to ever use specs on the third down if you could instead bgs/dwh P3.

It’s pretty difficult to fail a 3 down without trying to. You may consider not bringing a DDS altogether, as claws+rapier should be sufficient to 3down most scales, potentially even just rapier poking.

Dragon dagger is the difference between a guaranteed 2 down and a guaranteed 3 down in most setups

P3 Red Skulls Team Pathing

Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (6)

P3 Red Skulls Solo Starting Tiles

Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (7)
Tombs of Amascut – Wardens – Final Boss Guide – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)


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