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AEW All Out Results
September 3, 2023
Chicago, Illinois (United Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Zero Hour Pre-Show Quick Results:
  • Over-Budget Charity Battle Royal: Hangman Adam Page wins, last eliminating Brian Cage
  • Willow Nightingale, Hikaru Shida, and Skye Blue def. Athena, Mercedes Martinez, and Diamante
  • World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn def. Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, and Satnam Singh to retain

Pyro kicks us off here at the United Center for All Out 2023 before we head ringside for our opening contest! Out first are the challengers for the ROH World Tag Team Championship, the Dark Order team of Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Out next are the champions Adam Cole and MJF, to a big reaction from the Chicago crowd before this match gets underway!

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: Adam Cole and MJF defend against Alex Reynolds and John Silver

We start off with Silver and Cole who got at it, trading holds to a standstill. Silver takes Cole down and poses, but Cole catches him with a pump kick before tagging in MJF, the champs calling for the double clothesline…but Reynolds saves his buddy.

Reynolds then tags in, and MJF acknowledges his part in training the champ before starting a “sportsmanship” chant and extends a hand. Reynolds reluctantly accepts the handshake…and takes a thumb to the eye for his troubles!

MJF keeps Reynolds at bay here, with a nod to Rick Rude before aiming to hit a kangaroo kick…only for Silver to stop him! Reynolds takes him down and MJF felt the impact of that, favoring his neck as he rolls out of the ring.

Cole checks in on his friends, but Silver intercepts…and so does Evil Uno, as the ref has to bring order! Reynolds takes advantage of the confusion to take a chair to the back of MJF’s head! This causes the medical staff to check on the champ as Dark Order regroup inside the ring, posing to a bit of jeers from the crowd.

The staff help MJF up to his feet, taking him up the ramp toward the back as Cole steps into the ring, looking out finish this match out on his own! Max is still hurt on the stage as Silver takes Cole down before taunting the crowd and going for a cover…but Cole quickly kicks out, rolling to the apron. Silver knocks him off the apron before going for a dive…but runs into a jumping kick by Cole instead!

Reynolds goes after the champ now but is taken out by Cole, who goes back in the ring for a Panama Sunrise…but Silver keeps it away, only to be rolled up for a nearfall! Tag made to Reynolds now, taunting the crowd as he goes to work on Cole, sending him to the ropes…and catching him with a big kick to the face for a nearfall!

Reynolds sends Cole out of the ring, distracting the ref as Uno gets involved and wears the champ down before Reynolds sends him back into the ring. Tag made to Silver who goes on the attack before looking for a brainbuster…only for Cole to counter!

Cole walks toward the corner where Uno meets with a one finger salute, before Reynolds catches him by surprise for a nearfall. Reynolds looks to Silver as the two call for a double clothesline…tagging Silver in, they connect with it, but Silver only gets a two count!

Uno distracts the ref as Reynolds grabs the title from ringside…only to be kicked away by Cole, who stops Silver at the last second! The crowd is chanting for MJF, who makes his way back to the ring before getting the tag! MJF goes off on both Reynolds and Silver, wearing both challengers down as he shows how much fight he’s got left in him.

Silver tries to intercept the champ but collides with Reynolds instead! Silver falls down to the canvas, and with MJF’s help Reynolds falls down on top of him. The challengers get to their feet, only to be taken down with a kangaroo kick by the champ!

Crowd is chanting for a double clothesline as Evil Uno tries to intervene, only to be taken down by Cole before he tags in…and they hit the DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE on Reynolds for the pin and the win to retain the titles!

Winners via pinfall and still ROH World Tag Team Champions: Adam Cole and MJF

Fun opening match here. Good story with MJF struggling after that attack on the neck, and a good win for the champs to retain! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Cole and the ref check on MJF who says his neck is still not great as staff help MJF out of the ring. The champ heads up the ramp, but Samoa Joe is making his way out of the ring for our next match already…shoving MJF as a nod to some moment back in history before Joe heads to the ring. MJF chases after him, looking for a brawl in the ring before security stop things from getting rough.

Cackled at that Joe/MJF exchange, I'd love if there's more to that but it made for an interesting moment to break up some of the usual "match after match" monotony of PPV events #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Joe has a big smirk on his face as security take Max and Cole up the ramp, and out next is the challenger to the ROH World Television Championship as Shane Taylor heads to the ring…and this match is underway quick!

ROH World Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe defends against Shane Taylor

Heavy hitting from Taylor to start things off, as he sends Joe to the corner…but the champ meets him back with some hard rights, only for Taylor to knock him down! Joe leaves the ring and catches Taylor with a strike as the challenger comes out to meet him.

The fight does not last long outside before they head back to the ring, where Taylor takes the champ down for a nearfall. Joe back to his feet but is met with some right hands by Taylor, before the champ takes him down and sends Taylor heading out of the ring…before landing a big elbow dive onto the challenger!

The champ takes control with some hard rights before sending Taylor back in the ring, hitting a Manhattan Drop and a high boot but only gets a one count of the jumping senton. Taylor is back in it with a short arm lariat for a nearfall, as Joe heads to the apron. Taylor looks for a suplex but is caught with a sleeper hold by Joe on the ropes…before Taylor counters into a hanging stunner!

Taylor up top for a big splash and the cover…but only gets a nearfall! Joe back to his feet as Taylor hits some hard strikes to the champ…who hits a lariat on a charging Taylor, knocking the challenger off his feet. Both men slowly get to their feet now, trading strikes until Taylor hits a series of body shots…only for Joe to catch him with a right hook!

The champ hits a flurry of strikes before taking the challenger down to the canvas with the Coquina Clutch…and Shane Taylor has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission and still ROH World Television Champion: Samoa Joe

Good, good ROH World TV title match. Bit of a Shane Taylor fan here, so I was happy to see him go toe to toe with Samoa Joe…but the champ retains after a nice bout! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Video Package: Christian Cage demands respect (RESPEEEECT) and he seeks it out from Darby Allin as Luchasaurus defends the TNT Championship!

Back at ringside, Darby Allin makes his way to the ring for our next contest as he challenges Luchasaurus (not Christian Cage) for the TNT Championship. Out next is the man claiming to be TNT Champion as Christian Cage steps out to the stage…and then the actual TNT Champion, as Luchasaurus heads out. The pair walk down the ramp toward the ring before this title match gets underway!

TNT Championship Match: Luchasaurus defends against Darby Allin

Darby charges at Luchasaurus, who catches him by the throat before taking him away…only for Darby to take him out of the ring, where he starts to get an advantage. It’s all for naught however as Luchasaurus grabs him again, this time throwing him into the barricade! Luchasaurus continues the damage by slamming Darby against the steel steps before Cage speaks in the champ’s ear, telling him to end Darby right this moment.

Luchasaurus looks to oblige as he slams Darby against the steps again, and then a boot to the head before the champ rolls into the ring long enough to break the ten count. Luchasaurus turns his attention to the steps again, setting up as we see Darby busted open…and it’s about to be worse as the champ slams him again!

The challenger is down as Luchasaurus picks the steps up, laying them over the back of Darby…and then walking onto the steps for extra damage! Cage taunts Darby all the while, until Nick Wayne intervenes! Luchasaurus goes right back after Darby however, bringing him back in before going for the cover…but Darby kicks out!

Luchasaurus brings Darby back to his feet, laying into the challenger in the corner…until Darby escapes his clutches! But not for long, as Luchasaurus hits him with a big headbutt! Darby manages to escape further damage as he rolls up the champ for a nearfall, and goes for a cross body that gets him another one in quick succession!

Darby up top now, looking for a cross body…but Luchasaurus shoves it off! The champ continues the attack on Darby as he goes after him with the bandage, eventually wrapping it around his neck and hitting a hard forearm that drops Darby off the apron! Luchasaurus goes back on the attack once more on the outside, but Darby catches him off guard before hitting a big senton bomb on the champ!

This is a lot of damage on Luchasaurus, but the champ starts fighting right back before hitting Darby with a massive German suplex from the corner! Luchasaurus brings Darby back up for another torture rack as Cage tells Nick to throw in the towel to save Darby…but Wayne will have none of it! Darby escapes the rack and goes after the champ’s shoulder…before hitting a BIG dive on Christian Cage on the outside!

Darby goes back in the ring, climbing up top…but gets a GOOZLE from Luchasaurus! No! Darby takes a bite out of the champ’s hand, before catching him with an avalanche Code Red and the cover! BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT!

Darby looks like he’s ready to finish this match, but Cage threatens him on the outside with the possibility of hitting a Conchairto on a fallen Nick Wayne…which is enough of a distraction for Luchasaurus to hit two tombstone piledrivers and a massive lariat for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TNT Champion: Luchasaurus

There is no celebration here however as Christian brings in a pair of steel chairs looking to hit the Conchairto on Darby…until seemingly a quarter of the roster comes running down the ramp to make the save! Cage and Luchasaurus leave the ring, regrouping up the ramp as staff check on Darby in the ring.

That was a pretty solid TNT title match! Dug the big clash of styles here, made for some great action leading to Luchasaurus retaining! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Video Package: The Redeemer seeks to take down a Powerhouse, as Miro takes on Hobbs!

Back at ringside, Powerhouse Hobbs makes his way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Miro, before this hoss battle gets underway!

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Miro

Miro and Hobbs with a big meaty lock up, with Hobbs shoving Miro away! Miro seems almost impressed as he gets back to his feet, and the two men are back into a lock up with Miro shoving Hobbs away this time!

Miro follows up with a series of right hands and stompbs before backing away, and Hobbs takes advantage of this by getting the Redeemer off guard before taking him down with a hard lariat! Miro back to his feet now, but Hobbs gets him back to the corner before laying in some more right hands…but Miro gets out of a scoop slam and takes the Powerhouse down with a leg lariat!

Miro with the cover but only gets a nearfall, as Miro rolls to the apron. Hobbs brings him back in as Miro heads to the ropes…and as Hobbs steps back in, he gets caught with a dropkick by the Redeemer!

Miro brings Hobbs back to his feet, but is met with a belly to belly suplex by Hobbs that drops him down hard! Hobbs drives his knee to the back of Miro’s head against the ropes, firmly in control as he sends the Redeember to the corner twice over…but Miro evades on the second go, forcing Hobbs to collide with the turnbuckle before he falls to the outside.

Miro continues the attack as he catches Hobbs with a cannonball off the apron…and then sending him against the steel steps! Miro brings Hobbs back to his feet before driving him into the ring and against the barricade, followed by a big chop before heading back into the ring. Hobbs makes his way back in, and catches Miro by surprise before getting a chinlock in tight on the Redeemer…but Miro fights to his feet, only to be taken back down!

Miro finally gets back to his feet as the two trade blows, with neither getting a full advantage despite each doing their best…and Hobbs looks fazed now! Miro takes advantage with some hard lariat strikes before taking the Powerhouse down to the canvas!

Miro sets Hobbs up on the ropes before laying in some beats to the chest that might remind you of another European brawler…but Hobbs fights it off! Hobbs climbs up the top, but is intercepted by Miro…who drops Hobbs with a superplex off the top rope! Miro is getting back to his feet now, and hits a big pump kick on Hobbs…only for Hobbs to dodge a second one, hitting a power slam on the Redeemer for the cover! BUT MIRO KICKS OUT!

Hobbs is back on his feet now as the crowd are chanting “MEAT FOREVER,” while Hobbs brings Miro back to his feet for some more strikes…only for Miro to knock Hobbs down! Miro with the kick, and the cover! BUT HOBBS KICKS OUT!

Miro is back on his feet as he looks to make Hobbs humble…and he locks in the clutch on Hobbs! But it’s far from Game Over for Hobbs as he fights back to his feet, carrying Miro up with him before dropping him on the turnbuckle! Spinebuster on Miro! Hobbs makes the cover…BUT MIRO KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Hobbs stands up, and now it’s him looking to put Game Over on the Redeemer…who rises up and hits a spinebuster on Hobbs instead! Miro with the stomp and the clutch! Game Over! Hobbs taps out!

Winner via submission: Miro

After some reluctance, we get a bit of sportsmanship between the big men…but it’s a ruse! Hobbs blindsides Miro! Hobbs goes on the attack, beating down on Miro…until Miro’s wife(?) runs down to the ring, grabbing a steel chair on the way down before swinging at the back of Hobbs! Hobbs seems unfazed by this, looking to go after her instead…but Miro is back up, and wallops Hobbs with two chair shots!

With the Powerhouse out of the ring, we’re left with Miro and his missus in the ring…and after a staredown between the two, Miro leaves the ring! He walks up the ramp, shouting “you’re not real” at the woman that looks at him from the ring.

"SLAP THAT MEAT" ah, wrestling. What a hoss battle that was between Miro and Hobbs, great great stuff here leading to a big win for the Redeemer! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

I'll be honest, I was VERY confused by the significance of Miro's missus (fka Lana, FYI) showing up after the match…but the commentary helped fill in that blank for me. Miro said he had forsaken everything…and his love in that ring represents a ghost of his past. #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Video Package: With a big question mark hanging over The Outcasts, will Ruby Soho be able to dethrone Kris Statlander for the TBS Championship? We find out tonight at All Out!

Back at ringside, Ruby Soho is accompanied by Saraya as she heads to the ring for our next match as she challenges for the TBS Championship! Out next is the champion as Kris Statlander heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander defends against Ruby Soho

Statlander takes Soho down at the first lockup, keeping the challenger at bay early on. The fight ends up outside the ring, where Ruby ends up running away…until she catches the champ off guard! Soho is now in control as she brings the champ back into the ring, but only gets a nearfall for her efforts.

Ruby stays on the attack now, driving Kris into the ropes for further damage before backing off. She distracts the ref, allowing Saraya to get some strikes in…but Soho only gets another nearfall off the back of this! The champ starts fighting back now, but is taken down by Ruby for yet another nearfall.

Ruby sends the champ into the turnbuckle now, wearing her down before getting a nearfall as Saraya yells at the ref. Statlander back to her feet now, the two women trading strikes until Statlander catches Ruby with a No Future! Both women are struggling but get to their feet as Ruby charges toward the champ…only for Kris to evade!

Kris sends Ruby into the corner, laying the offense in thick on the challenger before hitting an uppercut and a knee strike! Powerslam from the champ, but it’s only good for a nearfall! Ruby starts fighting back now, but takes a backbreaker from Statlander…followed by a big ol’ driver into the canvas! BUT RUBY KICKS OUT!

Statlander sets Ruby up, but the challenger counters a couple times before getting a nearfall on the champ. Statlander looks for the Sunday Night Fever but it gets countered! Ruby gets a nearfall, and so does Ruby! Both women slowly to their feet once more, as Ruby catches the champ by surprise before climbing the turnbuckle.

Kris intercepts, and hits an avalanche power slam…BUT RUBY KICKS OUT AGAIN! The frustration is evident on the champ’s face as she hits the ropes…but Ruby is right htere to stop her, eventually hitting the poisonrana and a DDT…followed by a low hurricanrana…BUT STATLANDER KICKS OUT!

The women fight to their feet before Statlander drops Ruby with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. She climbs the turnbuckle, but takes a No Future by Ruby…followed by Destination Unknown! Ruby with the cover! BUT STATLANDER KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Ruby checks in with Saraya in the corner before going for the spray paint as Saraya distracts the ref…but Toni Storm appears from under the ring! She runs over to Ruby, stealing the spray paint from Ruby! Statlander with the Sunday Night Fever…and gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Alright, that was a FUN match for the TBS title! Ruby really showing her strengths here, as did Statlander on route to the victory to retain. Very nice to see the next chapter of the Outcast situation as well! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Back at ringside, Ricky Steamboat makes his way to the ring to keep an eye on things from commentary in our next contest! Out next is Ricky Starks for this No Disqualification Strap Match, followed by Bryan Danielson…who gets “Final Countdown” for his theme once again!

Big reaction from the crowd as the American Dragon heads to the ring before this match gets underway…well, not quite. Starks evades getting the strap attached to his wrist, taking a lap around the ring to prepare himself and then blindsides Danielson with some right hands before Danielson leaves the ring.

Starks grabs the weight belt from ringside and starts whipping Danielson with it, before driving the buckle of it into the head of the American Dragon. Starks finds a lady in the crowd and kisses her hand before going back to the ring, finally ready to set the strap upon himself to start the match!

No Disqualification Strap Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks

Starks continues his attack, nearly choking Danielson out with the strap before sending him into the barricade and eventually the steel steps! Starks hits a leg drop on him against the apron before rolling him into the ring for a cover, but gets just a nearfall. Starks decides to go back to his earlier plan, choking Bryan out with the strap before sending him to the corner for further damage.

Starks grabs part of the strap and starts whipping Danielson’s back with it, taunting Steamboat all the while until Bryan starts fighting back! Danielson with a hard kick, but Starks is fighting back as he sends him over the top rope and then clocks him with the strap!

Starks chokes Bryan out once more, taking the action to the turnbuckle as he brings Bryan up top…but Danielson drops him onto the top turnbuckle! Danielson’s got the strap ready now as he whips Starks in the back, over and over for more damage before choking Starks out…and Starks is trapped on the top rope!

Starks in a tree of woe position now as Bryan whips his chest with the strap repeatedly before hitting a set of dropkicks that sends Ricky falling to the canvas. Starks escapes to the outside as Danielson looks to back up enough for a dive…but Ricky whips him in the head instead! Starks starts mouthing off at Steamboat now, and he pays for it as Danielson pulls him into the ring post over and over again!

Bryan continues the damage, and after Danielson has been busted open for some time it now Starks suffering the same fate! Action returns to the ring as Danielson lays into Starks with kicks before looking for a knee strike…but Starks levels him with a lariat!

Both men are slow to their feet as they lay into each other using bits of the strap…and Starks gets the upper hand! Starks looks to do even more damage, but Danielson is all fired up now as he gets to his feet…and looking less and less fazed by the strap shots by Starks!

And now Danielson is on a rampage with some shots on Starks instead! Except that Big Bill comes running in to intervene…until Steamboat stops him, looking for some chops on the big man! Bill looks to make the legend pay for his actions until Starks is sent flying onto him…and then Danielson leaps onto both Starks and Bill!

Danielson brings Starks back in the ring, but Starks hits a spear! BUT DANIELSON KICKS OUT! Starks looks to go back on the attack but Danielson hits a Busaiku Kick! Bryan with the cover! BUT STARKS KICKS OUT AS WELL!

Danielson promises to “kick his f–king head in” as he lays into Starks with some hard kicks holding the arms…and then locks in the LeBelle Lock! Starks refuses to give up…but Danielson wraps the strap around his neck! Starks is straining to fight it…but passes out! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission: Bryan Danielson

Bryan embraces the crowd after, thrilled to be victorious tonight!

What a strap match that was! I was worried about this being short or something with the pre-match stuff, but boy was this a belter (no pun intended…okay, maybe some) leading to a Bryan Danielson victory! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

By the way, I was as thrilled as you are (or might be) about "Final Countdown" being used for Danielson's theme again haha #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

After Hangman Page’s win during the Over-Budget Charity Battle Royal earlier tonight, we get the announcement that the $50,000 prize money is being donated to the Chicago Public Education Fund!

Shibata’s music then hits as the ROH Pure Champion heads out, followed closely by NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston making his way to the ring. Out next are Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta, who head to the ring and stare their opponents down before this match gets underway!

Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta

We start off with Shibata and Yuta trading holds, a quick-paced clinic in the span of about 30 seconds before Shibata locks in an armbar…but Yuta gets to the rope for a break. Shibata takes Yuta down before laying in some kicks and body shots. Yuta escapes to the corner where Claudio tags in, locking up with Shibata before hitting an uppercut on Shibata.

Irishi whip sends Shibata to the ropes, where Claudio narrowly dodges a PK. Shibata tags in Kingston…and Claudio immediately tags in Yuta, escaping the ring. Yuta and Kingston go at it until Eddie takes Wheeler down…before going after Claudio on the outside! But it’s all for naught as Yuta intervenes!

Claudio eventually gets some cheap shots in before sending Eddie back in the ring, where Yuta goes right back on the attack. Tag to Claudio who takes advantage of the fallen Kingston, wearing him down some more before Yuta tags in for even more damage!

Claudio turns his back to Kingston from the apron in a show of disrespect as Yuta goes back to work, but Kingston sends him to the corner…where Claudio tags back in, keeping Kingston down! Claudio taunts Shibata before stomping on Kingston some more, keeping him worn down before tagging in Yuta.

Yuta drives his knee into the back of Kingston, but the Mad King is starting to fight back to his feet…only for Yuta to send him back down to the canvas. Claudio catches Kingston with a boot to the head before the ref admonishes him. Eddie back to his feet now, finally escaping the hold before taking Yuta down with an STO and making the cover for a nearfall.

Tags made to Shibata and Claudio! Claudio goes after Shibata, but the Pure Champion fights right back with a big kick in the corner followed by a dropkick. Butterfly suplex into a cover gets Shibata a nearfall, but Shibata transitions into a triangle hold…only for the ROH World Champion to hoist him up and drop him to the canvas to break the hold!

Tag made to Yuta as Shibata is back up, and the two go at it until Yuta takes a big ol’ strike from Shibata! Shibata locks in a leglock as Claudio tries to break it with a chop on the chest, but Shibata’s fighting spirit is on display! Claudio goes for a lariat but ends up taking an ankle lock from Shibata!

Claudio eventually breaks out of it, chopping Shibata…and the momentum of Shibata dropping causes damage to Yuta! The hold is eventually broken as Yuta gets to his feet, and Kingston gets the tag as they double team Yuta before Kingston hits a Saito suplex for a nearfall…as Claudio breaks it up!

Claudio and Shibata trade strikes in the middle of the ring now, until Shibata clocks Claudio with a big palm strike to the jaw! Things spill outside as they continue, with Claudio getting the upperhand! Back in the ring, Kignston hits a German suplex and an enziguri…but Yuta rolls out, going back in for a German suplex on Kingston instead!

Nearfall here as Yuta follows up with mounted punches on Kingston…who finally makes it up to his feet, rocking Yuta down hard! Claudio gets a tag and he and Kingston go at it, with Claudio getting rocked…but wears Kingston down before hitting a Neutralizer! BUT KINGSTON NARROWLY KICKS OUT!

Claudio brings the Mad King back to his feet, taunting him before setting him up for the Ricola Bomb…but Kingston gets out! Backfist on Claudio…but Kingston isn’t done! Northern Lights Bomb! Cover…but Yuta breaks the pin!

Yuta gets caught with a sleeper by Shibata on the ropes, but Claudio catches Eddie with a big European uppercut! Shibata lets go of Yuta but can’t break the pin, meaning Castagnoli picks up the win here!

Winners via pinfall: Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta

What a tag match that was, folks! Really enjoyed the mesh of hard hitting, technical, and all out brutality on display here, leading to the BCC win! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Video Package: Things have been heated between Kenny Omega and Don Callis, who sends Konosuke Takesh*t to go after the Best Bout Machine tonight at All Out!

Back at ringside, Konosuke Takesh*ta is accompanied by Don Callis as they head to the ring. Out next is Kenny Omega, looking ready for this match as we get underway!

Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takesh*ta

The two men stare each other down before finally getting things going with a lock up, with Takesh*ta taking Kenny with an arm wringer. Kenny breaks free and hits a side headlock, but Takesh*ta fights it off and locks one in of his own on Omega. Omega tries to fight back but is taken down hard by Takesh*ta, who continues to ward off any attempts of offense by Omega despite his best attempts.

Omega with a high kick but Takesh*ta is unfazed before hitting a dropkick on the Best Bout Machine! Takesh*ta with a running high knee but Omega is not fazed by it either…but he catches Omega with a high angle suplex that drives Omega almost neck first on the canvas! Scary moment there as Omega leaves the ring, only for Takesh*ta to catch him with a boot against the barricade before continuing the attack on the outside. Omega sends him to the floor, looking a little unsteady but still hits a moonsault off the barricade!

The ref’s count is ongoing here as Omega brings Takesh*ta into the ring, finally building something up for himself as he drops Takesh*ta to the canvas a couple times for a nearfall. Kenny locks Takesh*ta up something fierce here, but Takesh*ta fights back by going after the eyes of Omega! He is now up on his feet as he takes Omega down with a kick in the corner, but Omega dodges further damage before going for a hurricanrana…only to get send face first into the turnbuckle!

The action heads back to the outside as Omega gets sent down hard to the floor with a brainbuster by Takesh*ta, who looks for steel chairs from under the ring before sliding back in. He distracts the ref as Callis stacks the chairs up on Kenny before Takesh*ta hits a dive right onto him! Kenny gets brought back into the ring as Takesh*ta continues the attack, hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb for the cover…BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT!

Both men finally back on their feet here, trading chops until Takesh*ta takes Omega down hard. He climbs up top for a senton–NO! Knees up and into the back by Omega! Omega’s fighting back now before Takesh*ta catches him with a jumping knee, but he goes falling to the outside…and Kenny leaps over the ropes onto Takesh*ta!

Kenny brings Takesh*ta back in as he goes up top for more damage, followed by a snap dragon suplex…and another! Takesh*ta is crumpled up on the canvas now, but Omega is not finished as he looks for a third…but Takesh*ta fights it of! Swing and a miss as Omega knees him in the back before hitting a reverse hurricanrana for the cover…BUT TAKEsh*tA KICKS OUT! Kenny looking for a V-Trigger but gets nothing, and two German suplexes are blocked before they trade knee strikes…until we see a massive lariat from Takesh*ta!

This ends up laying both men out on the canvas, slowly moving to their feet as the ref begins the count. Takesh*ta is up first, looking for more damage on Omega..who gets free! No! Powerbomb by Takesh*ta…but Kenny escapes and hits a knee! Kenny covers, but only gets a nearfall! Takesh*ta heads to the ropes…but takes a V-Trigger!

Omega looks for a One Winged Angle, but Takesh*ta reverses into a pin! BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT! Another nearfall follows as both men are worn out, but Takesh*ta has a waistlock in…only Omega escapes it! Omega with some wild swings now, but gets enough to rock Takesh*ta…who fights back with some hard forearms! Omega fight back with a leg lariat!

Takesh*ta heads to the corner, but Omega catches him with a V-Trigger! Omega looks for a One Winged Angel once again, this time heading up the turnbuckle for more damage…but Takesh*ta escapes! Omega’s on the top turnbuckle now as Takesh*ta sends him flying to the canvas with an avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover by Takesh*ta…BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Takesh*ta heads to the corner for a running knee strike on Omega, and another cover…AND ANOTHER KICK OUT BY OMEGA! Callis talks to Takesh*ta, who distracts the ref as Callis pulls out the screwdriver and tries to jab Omega with it…but Omega escapes! Omega hits a V-Trigger and goes for a One Winged Angel, but Takesh*ta has the screwdriver! But the ref sees it, pulling it away as Takesh*ta reverses into a victory roll for a nearfall!

Another V-Trigger by Omega, but no dice as Takesh*ta starts rocking Omega with some more knee strikes and nearfalls…until he drops the kneepad for added damage! That last knee strike gets Takesh*ta the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Konosuke Takesh*ta

What a match! Great action from both Takesh*ta and Omega, that finish had me thinking Omega would pull off the win…but Takesh*ta takes it (and relatively clean, to boot) for the win! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Back at ringside, Bullet Club Gold make their way to the ring for our next match! Out next are the Young Bucks, followed by the AEW World Tag Team Champions as FTR head down the ramp for this eight-man tag match. There’s a bit of chaos between all eight men (and a chant about a certain former AEW employee doesn’t help) before we get underway!

FTR and The Young Bucks vs. Bullet Club Gold

We start off with Jay and Dax, who had just faced off at Collision last night…but we quickly get tags out as Cash and Colten go at it for a second. They lock up now before trading holds, with Cash getting a nearfall in the end. They trade offense once again before Cash locks in a side headlock, but Austin gets a blind tag in!

Austin takes Wheeler by surprise as the crowd boo him, and Cash trips him up as a result before knocking him down with a shoulder tackle! Cash takes him back down again, but Matt Jackson tags himself in! The crowd is not thrilled about the Bucks here as the go after both of the Gunns, but eventually the crowd shows some appreciation.

Tag to Dax now as Austin tags in Jay, and we get some follow up from last night as the two go at it. Jay sends Dax to the corner and hits some stomps and a chop for good measure…but Dax sends him back for his trouble!

Tag made to Juice Robinson as he goes after Dax, sending him to the BCG corner before tagging Jay back in. The Club gang up on Dax before posing, and the attack continues until Dax starts fighting back! Dax with a tag to Cash as the tag champs wear down the Switchblade. Cash covers White but only gets a nearfall here, before Jay fights back with a dropkick to the lower leg of Wheeler. Tag to Juice now, unloading some punches on Cash before dropping him with a big left hand!

Juice attacks Wheeler in the corner now, before chaos ensues with all eight men in the ring…and it leads to a brawl! BCG look for a plan, but it backfires on them as they get dropped by the Bucks and FTR…who end up locking in a group of Sharpshooters on the Club! Nobody has a legal hold in however, so it has to be broken up!

The action spills to the outside now as Dax gets sent into the ring post, giving the Club an opening as Juice tags to Colten who beats him up before tagging in the Switchblade! Jay with a snap suplex that sends Dax into the turnbuckle, and a cover for a nearfall!

Juice is back in by this point as he goes after Dax, who responds with a back suplex that drops Rock Hard, well, hard onto the canvas! Colten rushes in off a tag as Dax is sent to the outside, and while the ref is distracted Jay beats up Harwood before sending him back in! Colten covers but only gets a nearfall, before sending Dax into the corner for more damage.

Eventually, however, Dax evades the attack…only for Juice to tag in and keep him away from the corner! Juice taunts the rest of the opposing team as BCG get involved, and now Juice looks for the cannonball…but Dax rolls out of harm’s way! Juice crashes into the turnbuckle as Dax rises to his feet, almost refusing to tag in one of the Bucks until he gets blindsided by BCG, forcing him to tag in Nick Jackson!

The crowd boo until he unloads onto BCG, leading to a show of appreciation from the crowd as the Superkick Party commences after a tag to Matt. Austin is in now and Cash gets a blind tag to go on the attack himself. Some miscommunication lead to Matt nearly superkicking Wheeler…but instead, they drop Austin with a double superkick!

They follow up on this until things lead to a tag for Dax, who gets an assist form Matt on a spike piledriver for a nearfall! Things get crazy once again, and this time BCG get sent out of the ring as a result…except for Austin Gunn, who takes the four corner special before Dax covers…but Juice pulls him out to break the pin!

Juice takes a kick from Nick as Matt launches onto Colten on the outside, leaving us with Austin and Dax in the ring as Austin rolls Harwood up for a nearfall…but it all ends with a double clothesline that drops both men to the canvas!

Jay eventually gets the tag in, laying into Dax with chops as the tag champ gets to his feet…and responds with some chops of his own! It goes back and forth until Dax hits a lariat! Shatter Machine is stopped by Juice…but Nick and Dax hit it instead! Jay is still in the ring as Dax and Matt hit the BTE Trigger on him…but Colten breaks the follow up pin!

Colten catches Matt on the outside with a Famouser but gets rocked by Harwood! Back in the ring, Dax gets caught with a rollup…and Nick is unable to break it up in time, giving Bullet Club Gold the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Bullet Club Gold

Chaos, absolute chaos. That match was exhausting, but fun. Great stuff from all eight guys, and a hell of a win for Bullet Club Gold! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Video Package: Bit of a surprise of a main event tonight, as we see Orange Cassidy taking on possibly the biggest challenge of his career defending the AEW International Championship against Jon Moxley at All Out!

We’re back at ringside for our main event, as Jon Moxley is cheered on from backstage by BCC before he heads out alone through the crowd. Mox heads to the ring as he gets ready to challenge for the AEW International Championship…and out next, followed by Best Friends through backstage, is the champion himself as Orange Cassidy heads out to the stage alone, walking down the ramp to the ring.

Cassidy arrives at the ring, pulling the title out of his backpack to a big reaction from the crowd as he gets ready for this title match before we get ring introductions. With all formalities out of the way, this main event gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Jon Moxley

Both men remain in the corner for a moment, letting the adulation soak in a bit as the crowd show their appreciation for the champ and the challenger. Cassidy nonchalantly heads to the center of the ring and Mox follows. Cassidy starts to put his hands in his pockets…and Mox is not pleased with that, going after him hard with some chops!

Mox continues the beatdown on the champ, who manages to catch him off guard with a dropkick and looks for an Orange Punch early…but Mox hits him with a low suplex that causes a bit of damage! Mox with another, and Cassidy looks in a bad way here.

Chants for both men now as Mox brings the champ to this feet, laying into him with some chops as Cassidy tries to fight back…only for Mox to send him into the corner hard! Cassidy is still in it though, as he hits Mox against the turnbuckle! Cassidy up top for a cross body, but Mox rolls through and pulls him in for repeated kicks to the head!

Mox sets the champ up for more but takes a Stundog Millionaire for his troubles! Cassidy goes for a DDT but Mox hits him with a reversal! Mox right back on those boots to the head of the champion, who ends up leaving the ring. Mox pursues him, sending Cassidy into the ring post to knock him out for a bit.

The ref leaves the ring to check on Cassidy as Mox steps back in the ring, waiting on Cassidy to try and get back in…only to go right back after him, sending him to the announce table before taking a bite out of Freshly Squeezed!

The ref is yelling at Mox to bring things back into the ring, and Mox finally backs off to head back in as the ref gets ready to start the count. Cassidy is busted open now as he crawls toward the ring…getting back at six as he rolls back in, but Mox drops him with a stalling piledriver for a nearfall!

Mox goes back at the face of the champ, pulling at whatever he can before the ref forces him to let go. Mox sets Cassidy on the ropes now, hitting a series of crossface punches on the champion that really takes a lot out of him. Mox tells the ref to check on Cassidy, who is still in it as Mox goes back on the attack…but Cassidy strikes back!

Except that Mox is at the ready, and now he’s mocking Cassidy with hands in pockets before driving his boot into the face of the champ in the corner. The ref forces him away for a moment, but Mox sets Cassidy up on the top turnbuckle before hitting some headbutts and looks for a superplex…but the champ escapes!

Cassidy rakes the back of Mox…AND THEN TAKES A BITE! Mox drops down as the champ hits the Diamond DDT, setting up for an Orange Punch…but Mox fights him off with some strikes of his own! Mox blocks a Beach Break, but takes a PK and an Orange Punch as the champ makes the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT!

Cassidy is slow to his feet but goes for the Beach Break…only for Mox to reverse into the Gotch style piledriver! Nearfall, as Cassidy reverses into one of his own for another nearfall! They trade off until Mox locks in body scissors for the choke…before transitioning to an armbar! But Cassidy fights out of it narrowly!

Mox gets him with a LeBelle Lock instead, and Cassidy nearly taps…but stops himself! He’s fading, though…but fights back, getting to the ropes before Mox can cinch in the bulldog choke! Cassidy rolls out of the ring to take a breather as Mox pursues him once gaain, this time ripping some tape off the padding to remove it from the floor!

He pulls out a section of the padding as he sets Cassidy up for the piledriver…but Cassidy reverses it into a Beach Break onto the concrete floor! Mox gets to his knees…but is caught with a dropkick to the head right into the steps by Cassidy! The champ rolls back into the ring as the ref starts the count…and he gets to nine before leaping into the ring!

Mox is staggering on his feet as Cassidy hits an Orange Punch…and another! Cassidy takes the elbow pad off looking for a third…and takes a cutter by Mox! Mox with the underhook, but Cassidy escapes…and hits an Orange Punch, followed by a spear and the cover!


Cassidy slowly gets to his feet as Mox gets to his knees…and cassidy finally gets his hands in his pockets! And then he hits the “dangerous” kicks on the dangerous Mox…only he goes into ACTUAL hard kicks! Only for Mox to hit him with a lariat…but the champ is back up! Another lariat, and another! Cover! CASSIDY KICKS OUT AGAIN!



Mox is back up to his feet once more as the champ struggles to stand. Cassidy holds his hands up as if telling him to stop…only to flip Mox off! ANOTHER DEATH RIDER BY MOXLEY!

Mox covers once again…and this time it’s enough for the pin and the win! We have a new champion tonight at All Out!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW International Champion: Jon Moxley

BCC arrive at ringside to celebrate alongside Mox, who gets the title in hand as he staggers away while the former champion remains laid out in the ring. BCC head up the ramp before Mox finally gets his hand raised in victory. BCC head to the back as we go to the ring once more, seeing what remains of Orange Cassidy after that brutal main event.

Chants of “Freshly Squeezed” ring out as Cassidy finally gets to a knee. “Thank you, Orange” chants as Cassidy finally makes it to his feet to a big pop from the crowd, and he drops back down to a knee out of sheer exhaustion as the show comes to a close.

For a match that seemed a little out of left field in the build, this was one HELL of a main event tonight. Orange Cassidy showed just how much tenacity he could have against Jon Moxley…but it wasn't enough, and now we have a NEW International Champion! #AEWAllOut

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

What a show #AEWAllOut turned out to be, folks! For something that felt almost "scrapped together" due to circ*mstances, this show had a LOT going for it. Great matches all around, with several questions coming out of it in the process!

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

The closest thing I have to a complaint? I'm tired, y'all. So very, very tired, just from how long the whole thing is…but this was, IMO, well worth the time!

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

What did you think of #AEWAllOut?

— (@wrestleview) September 4, 2023

Quick Results:

  • ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: Adam Cole and MJF def. Alex Reynolds and John Silver to retain
  • ROH World Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe def. Shane Taylor to retain
  • TNT Championship Match: Luchasaurus def. Darby Allin to retain
  • Miro def. Powerhouse Hobbs
  • TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander def. Ruby Soho to retain
  • No Disqualification Strap Match: Bryan Danielson def. Ricky Starks
  • Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta def. Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata
  • Konosuke Takesh*ta def. Kenny Omega
  • Bullet Club Gold def. FTR and The Young Bucks
  • AEW International Championship Match: Jon Moxley def. Orange Cassidy to become the new champion

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Twitter – @Power2TheSmarks

That’ll do it for AEW All Out 2023! Thanks for reading, and we will see you on Wednesday for the fallout of All Out as we see what the future holds for AEW!

AEW All Out Results - 9/3/23 (Five Championship Matches and more!) - WWE News, WWE Results, AEW News, AEW Results (2024)


Who won the main event in AEW? ›

Swerve Strickland is the NEW #AEW World Champion!

What wrestler was on AEW and WWE same night? ›

Lemons wrestled a pre-recorded tag match with partner Atiba against Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy on AEW Dark: Elevation which aired just before WWE's flagship show went on the air. During Monday Night Raw, Lemons popped up in a live capacity, as he worked as a security guard in the opening segment.

Who is the biggest superstar in AEW? ›

AEW has no bigger wrestling name than Chris Jericho. While The Demo God had never been the true number one guy in wrestling before AEW, he was always a reliable veteran and a former six-time world champion for WWE. When he committed to AEW, it was one of the most important moments in legitimizing the company.

Who is the champion of AEW 2024? ›

ChampionshipCurrent championDate
AEW World ChampionshipSwerve StricklandApril 21, 2024
AEW TNT ChampionshipVacant
AEW International ChampionshipWill OspreayMay 26, 2024
AEW Continental ChampionshipKazuchika OkadaMarch 20, 2024
1 more row

Who is bigger, AEW or WWE? ›

Its headquarters is at EverBank Stadium, the home of the National Football League's Jacksonville Jaguars, a team also owned by Shahid Khan. Since its inception, AEW has been one of the largest wrestling promotions in the world, second only to WWE in terms of annual revenue.

How much do AEW wrestlers make? ›

For a common wrestler in WWE is $300,000 a year it's roughly the same for aew. Of course that's not counting merchandise bonuses and appearances and paid promotions . And salaries vary wildly. Roman reigns for example signed a part-time salary and earns 5 million a year in the process.

Does WWE own AEW? ›

At the time of the latest information available, WWE does not own AEW. The speculation about a potential merger between the two wrestling . All Elite Wrestling has interest in merging with WWE, which has formally started a sale process, sources say. AEW is owned by the Khan .

Who is the AEW champion right now? ›

Swerve Strickland is the current champion in his first reign. He won the title by defeating Samoa Joe at Dynasty on April 21, 2024, in St Louis, Missouri.

Did Jon Moxley win the AEW Championship? ›

AEW wrestler Jon Moxley won the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at Windy City Riot earlier in the week, making him the first wrestler to win the WWE Championship, AEW World Championship and IWGP World Championship in the history of professional wrestling.

Did Cody Rhodes win the AEW Championship? ›

The inaugural champion was Cody Rhodes. As of May 29, 2024, the championship is vacant as former champion Adam Copeland was stripped of the title due to a legitimate injury. The next champion will be determined in a ladder match at Forbidden Door on June 30, 2024.

What is the main event of AEW Dynasty? ›

The main event of the show was Samoa Joe vs. Swerve Strickland. Below you can find the full match card and results of AEW Dynasty, and more information about the event. Note: If you would like to see the event card without spoilers, make sure to toggle to the "Match Card" tab before scrolling down.


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